The Marvel Mighty Muggs line consists of 6 waves:

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 1
The first wave has our friendly neighborhood Spiderman along with his arch-nemesis Venom. Roaming the local bars as he is apt to do is the ever cranky Wolverine and making sure his business interests are protected is the metal man himself, Iron Man.

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 2
The second wave of the Marvel Mighty Muggs have the juggernauts of the Marvel universe. The big mean green Hulk leads the pack but the confrontational Thing is not far behind. Dr. Doom is making plans to crash the party but Captain America will make sure to keep the law.

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 3
Nothing beats a villain like a hero turned villain which is exactly the reason why the Black Spiderman is in the third wave of the Marvel Mighty Muggs. Doc Ock represents the legitimate line of villains in the group. While Thor represents all that is good. And striding the line between good and evil is the fiery Ghost Rider.

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 4
Only Earth has the energy to slate the hunger of Galactus in the 4th installment of the Marvel Mighty Muggs line. Galactus' minion, the Silver Surfer, makes sure to dissuade him from consuming his home planet. Back on Earth, the Human Torch does what is necessary to stop Galactus if the Silver Surfer fails.

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 5
The fifth wave has remakes of older muggs as well as a few new Marvel characters. A silver version of Iron Man and a lighter version of Captain America are in this wave. Along with Skrull and the Avenger Vision.

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 6
The X-Men own the sixth wave in the Marvel Mighty Muggs line. Logan, the man behind the mask of Wolverine, is in this group. Along with his hated rival, Sabertooth. A rival in the romantic arena, Cyclops, is also in this group as well. Both are looking to gain the favor of lovely Phoenix.