Transformers Mighty Muggs Wave 1
If Hasbro never comes out with another Transformers wave, then the first wave is the ultimate Mighty Muggs set created. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, leads this band of Mugg brothers. Following in his footsteps is the lovable and spunky Bumble Bee. Chasing the Autobots through not only space and land, but now in the Mighty Mugg World is none other than the Decepticons. The leader of which is in this wave as well--Megatron. He has brought along his faithful servant, Soundwave.

Transformers Mighty Muggs Wave 2
If Megatron becomes a Mighty Mugg than there is no doubt Starscream is not far behind. Starscream's screeches does not deter Grimlock from joining the second wave of the Transformers Mighty Muggs line.